My 2009 Line-up and Rotation Prediction

Hello Yankees fan out there,

Sorry If I haven’t been blog in about 6 or 7 months and I’m glad I’m back and Start giving you the 2009 New York Yankees Line up and Starting Rotation. This off season has been the craziest 4 the Yankees especially pick up 3 hottest Free Agents including A.J. Burnett, C.C. Sabathia and Mark Teixeira. Let’s hope they make a big impact for the Yankees This year in hope of getting in Playoff and making into the World Series and Winning it. I hoping all goes well for the Yankees this Years. I also like to see the Yankees Bring up young outfielder Austin Jackson sometime this year.

Well, Anyway here is My Prediction for the 2009 Starting Line-Up:

1.Johnny Damon-LF
2.Derek Jeter-SS
3.Alex Rodriguez-3B
4.Mark Teixeira-1B
5.Jorge Posada-C
6.Hideki Matsui-DH
7.Xavier Nady-RF
8.Robinson Cano-2B
9.Brett Gardner-CF

Starting Rotation:
1.C.C. Sabathia LHP
2. A.J. Burnett RHP
3.Chein Min Wang RHP
4. Joba Chamberlain RHP
5. Phil Hughes RHP/Andy Pettitte LHP/Alfredo Aceves RHP

CL: Mariano Rivera RHP
Damaso Marte LHP
Edwar Rameriz RHP
Phil Coke LHP
Humberto Sanchez RHP
David Robertson RHP
Brian Bruney RHP

Bench Players:
Jose Molina-C
Melky Cabrera-OF
Nick Swisher-OF/1B

That pretty much my prediction for the 2009 New York Yankees. and let me tell you something this is not finalized yet. I hoping that my prediction is very accurate once the Yankees Finish Spring training and getting ready for the baseball season. This Upcoming Season is going to a very interesting this year because the Yankees now the to competite between the Boston Red Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays for First Place in the AL East. I can’t wait for Baseball season to begin, I hope everything goes well for the Yankees especially w/ three new players they got this offseason and the New Yankee Stadium that will be having two spring Training Games against the Chicago Cubs and Season Opener on April 16,2009 against the Cleveland Indians.

Thanks again and I hoping to give you more Baseball updates really soon;

Heather a.k.a Pucca



  1. levelboss

    hey Pucca, nice to meet you
    how lucky are you to live in Connecticut! i grew up in Virginia and Maryland and love the East Coast (even though i don’t live there currently)
    you get to live in a beautiful state AND be close enough to NYC to be able to see the Yankees on a regular basis!!!!!!!!!

    keep blogging (daily if possible – that’s what readers look for in a new blog i think – consistency)
    i usually hang out at Confessions of a She-Fan (a Yankees site by Jane Heller, author and humorist)..
    that’s where you ‘ll find most of the Yankees and Red Sox fans/bloggers.. hope to see you as a regular! 🙂

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