The Confession of a Baseball Player (The A-Rod Admission)

In the past two days there was a story about Alex Rodriguez taking Steroids back when he was playing with Texas. Some of us, may not know the whole story about a Major League Player, until we get the really facts from the players themselves. Some people may think that A-Rod is a lair and cheater. You can tell that a Player is a lair or a cheater if they never admitted to their mistakes. Alex knew something that some of us may or may not know about him. Back in the Days that he was playing for the Texas Rangers he used to do illegal substance. His darkest Secret has finally released today in a Interview with Peter Gammons of ESPN. 

A-Rod confessed that what he did back then was wrong and stupid. Back at the time between the late 1980’s and 2003, it was a different culture and most of us didn’t know about until late 2003 when Jason Giambi testify to the Grand Jury and admitted that he also taken steroids. Between the year when playing for the Texas Rangers, Rodriguez did it out of being greed, selfish and the amount of the pressure that he has on himself back then. He knew what he did was wrong and Stupid and he did apologized and tell the Viewers that he was young, stupid and naive for something that he really regret.
Do I believe that A-Rod is one of the Greatest players all time even though that he used to do banned Substances? Yes I do believe he is no matter what did in the past he is still one of the greatest players of the game. Anybody who have done these things before know it better to confess about the past and seek hope for a better future. I believe that A-Rod did the right thing by admitting his mistake and take it like honest person. Look back at Last year when Andy Pettitte admitted that he used HGH back in 2002. He also knew that what he did was wrong and he also regrets of doing it. 
Unlike A-Rod,Giambi and Pettitte there are at least three former players that will not admitted their own mistake and keep on denied. Barry Bonds and Roger Clemen have really ruined their Legacy and pretty much have to face prison. As for Mark McGwire he can say goodbye his chances of getting into the Hall of Fame after telling the the Grand Jury in 2005 that “I’m not here to talk about the past.”
For next nine years in A-Rod ‘s Yankee Career, are going be better and I hope a lot of people will understand that Alex is a kind of player that understand if he didn’t admitted his mistake his legacy is going to be tarnish forever. Can Alex Rodriguez restore everything back to place in baseball history and restore his legacy as one of the greatest player of all time? All I have to say, We shall see what happens next only time will tell. For now, lets get ready for the 2009 Season.


  1. juliasrants

    May concerns are 1. A-Rod only admitted to it after he got caught. and 2. We are to believe that there is more pressure playing for the Texas Rangers then there is playing for the NY Yankees? I’m having a LOT of trouble with that one.


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